About Us

Since mid-2017 the TAY Shop has given away 5,000 pieces of clothing to more than 300 transition aged foster youth in Los Angeles County. 

The hallmark of our sister organization The Book Foundation has always been to provide immediate impact, and to work in conjunction with other best in class non-profits. In early 2017, both of those ideas came together to help form The Emporium: Foster Resource & Literacy Center and the TAY Shop. The Book Foundation had been working with foster children for years, in conjunction with Foster Care Counts and The Pritzker Foster Care Initiative.  Through this work, it quickly became apparent that children transitioning out of the foster care system had immediate needs that were going unfulfilled. As these kids transitioned to jobs they lacked both the basic clothing essentials, as well as some basic life skills to help them be successful in the next phase of their lives. With Foster Care Counts’ Goods for Grades program as the inspiration, The TAY Shop was envisioned as permanent location where TAY youth could get the new clothing they needed, as well as participate in life skills workshops. 

The TAY Shop is located at THE EMPORIUM: Foster Resource & Literacy Center 

The Emporium: Foster Resource & Literacy Center located in Mid-city, Los Angeles houses a group of mission-aligned non-profits that share resources to increase positive outcomes for foster and vulnerable children and youth.  It is a collaborative effort of Foster Care Counts, The Book Foundation, Hope in a Suitcase and is made possible by the generous support of The Pritzker Foster Care Initiative.  The Emporium Shops are an appointment-only storefront that offers tweens, transition age foster youth and young adults basic essentials, career & casual clothing, accessories and books free of charge.